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How does the Pacey Cuff work?

>  The Pacey Cuff uses a urethral pressure pad (bottom) to apply pressure to the urethra and stem the flow of urine.
>  The fenestrated hood (top) of the Pacey Cuff ensures the circulation in the penis is not blocked.
>  As the bladder fills, the pressure increases, resulting in possible leakage. The Pacey Cuff is most effective when you empty your bladder at regular intervals.

How do I apply the Pacey Cuff?

How do I adjust the Pacey Cuff?

I’m feeling pinching - what can I do?

Is the Pacey Cuff covered by extended health or Medicare?

Are there any contraindications for using the Pacey Cuff?

Is the Pacey Cuff a Clamp?

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