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Pacey Cuff Jock - Incontinence support (with reusable absorbent pads)

The Jock sits within form-fitting underwear to catch any excess drops of urine. The material is thin and breathable, stretchy and waterproof. This combination provides comfortable urinary containment.

The Pacey Cuff Incontinence Jock offers you the protection you need. Enjoy every day activities with confidence and in comfort.

Machine washable, the Pacey Cuff Incontinence Jock retains its shape after many washes.

Combining the Pacey Cuff with the Pacey Cuff Jock adds comfort and back-up assurance for light to medium incontinence.

Each Incontinence Jock includes two washable, absorbent inserts. 

Length: measure length of non-erect penis from the body (base) to the tip.

Circumference: measure around non-erect penis at mid shaft

Pacey Cuff Size Chart

CIRCUMFERENCE *If your circumference measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger size.

Measurement is mid-shaft, around relaxed (flaccid) penis.

Size  Small Medium Large
Inches 1" - 2.75" 2.75" - 4" 4" - 5.5"


Minimum length required for each size.

Size Small Medium Large
Inches 1.25" 1.75" 2"



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